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HitFix First Look: Dominic Monaghan gets lost on ‘Childrens Hospital’


We all know that Dominic Monaghan  AKA Charlie Pace of Lost is back to his role as “Merry” in the upcoming LOTR movie. I ran across a short article about the 4 hobbits and had to share the artlcle and video link. From we have this artlcle

And the linkto the video =>> Exclusive Video: LOTR Reunion Hobbits assemble!

Dominic looks good in a suit, though he isn’t looking too happy in this picture. Maybe he is thinking about those years on “Lost” and missing them like we do. #WEHAVETOGOBACK my #LOSTies. Drink up lads you get to make another EPIC movie and have an new set of adventures. 





















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