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Ran across a tweet from @LostTheShow today that I wanted to share. They passed along a link to a youtube video that used Joe Purdy’s song in “Tabula Rasa”. I had wondered what Hurley was listening to when this scene was playing and thanks to @LostTheShow I now have a new artist to listen to. Here is the Youtube link to a higher quality version that includes some of the background noise and a little bit of Michael Giacchino’s @m_giacchino great work.
After watching the series 3 times this video clip is one of the early ones that I really enjoy.  It includes some brief good moments for some of the characters before life on the Island took an unexpected turn for them. For me the mysteries of the Island always was a background for how the characters developed on the show. Real life is a lot like that, just without the directors yelling cut and someone dubbing in music. 
When I see these scenes I get a chance to reflect on the show and its characters. Which for me is one of the joys of being a Lostie. Love the show, Will watch it again occastionally and look forward to other TV shows that catch me like this one did. 
Thanks to @LostTheShow for sharing. 

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