Today is #lost Finale Day. Check out this twitter thread for some great clips. Join is in 2020 on the Island.

We built this place to remember, and not forget even is we struggle to move on.


This is the clip from Tabula Rasa that plays “Wash Away” by Joe Purdy. The overview of the survivors and music always remind me of their future on the island.

Since today is #LOST finale Anniversary day I thought I would post it here, as a reminder of show and how much we all loved it.

One of my early favorits parts is during  “Tabula Rasa”  when Hurley is sitting at the end the day listening to “Wash Away” by Joe Purty. As the camera pans everyone you can read what they are thinking, see who the survivors really are, their hopes, fears and can see who is carrying baggage that they will have to deal with over the next 6 seasons.

That video clip is one of the best of the early ones. All by itself it tells a story. Here is the link to  the youtube clip.



Hey! You got yourself a fish biscuit! How’d you do that?



 – Tom, aka Mr. Friendly 



Every day at the end of the work cycle in my Dharma IT office I try to find something Lost related that is worth blogging about. This is one of those findings, however it was an accident. I was looking for LOST blogs on tumblr to follow, and read a bit about fanfictions. Some of my twitter buddies send me some urls to look over. Somewhere in there was a reference to Danial Faradays Journal being avail on Barnes and Noble. While looking for that I ran across this article on making Dharma Fish Busciits !!!

So I had to get Lost on the intenet to find my Dharma Fish Biscuits. How ironic.. 🙂 

Lets start with a nice picture and the link to the orignal article that i uncovered. 🙂 Click here to go to the article That link leads to this site and the instructions for making your own Fish Bsicuits!

Namaste !



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