Evangeline Lilly

I ran across a few articles about Evangeline Lilly, her role as The Wasp and some comments she made about some of the acting in #LOST and though that I would share them.

We really like ‘The Ant Man and The Wasp’ and enjoyed her and Paul’s acting and interaction.  It is good to read that Lilly worked hard to make The Wasp a better character and not just a 2nd rate female hero.

Personally I think the #LOST writers took the easy road with Kate by pushing the conflict between Jack and Sawyer. Her backstory didn’t make it seem that she was obsessed with men, but retaining her freedom.  She would have had a better role as Jack’s second in command.


As most of you know Evangeline Lilly (Kate from #LOST) has a leading role as the Wasp in “Ant-Man and the Wasp” A new film from Marvel Comics.  You all everybody should go and see it. Seems she has been a busy actor since #LOST ended.

Her IMDB info can be found here. Info about the film can be found here and here.




A sneak peek at the Wasp from the upcoming   .

I am honoured to be on set today playing  on what would be Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday.

Evangeline Lily As The Wasp

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