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Our favorite #LOST actor recorded a message for space aliens for National Geo. Check out the story and the video.



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#LOST #LOSTIes I hear that Jorge Garcia (Hurley) will be on Tuesday, even though some tv listing had him on Thu. Daniel Dae Kim, was the cohost Monday (today). I need to find it online and see what he has to say about Hawaii 5-0 and LOST Only a month in to its freshman season andAlcatraz has already raised many mysteries. We’ve been dissecting them each week in hopes of figuring out the answers.

To recap: San Francisco detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) and Alcatraz expert Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia) were enlisted by federal agent Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) to track down a group of Alcatraz prisoners and guards who mysteriously vanished into thin air in 1963. Dubbed the ’63s, the men are returning to present day with missions to track down keys that apparently unlock a secret “downstairs” door at the prison where… well, we don’t know that yet, but we do know the prison doctors were taking the prisoners’ blood, and Tommy Madsen (David Hoflin) was begrudgingly at the center of it. 

Go to the article for more details



#Alcatraz #LOSTies J.J. Abrams Invites You  US  to Alcatraz

The premiere of Fox’s Alcatraz is still two weeks 10 days away — Jan. 16, to be precise. But already, we are trying to unravel the series’ mysteries.

Today, our sleuthing has taken the form of checking out the show’s spanking new website and watching (and rewatching) this exclusive interview with executive producer J.J. Abrams.  (Hey, you never know what you’ll hear by listening between the lines!)

Sharing the link to the official web site for the show ==>>



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