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This is the last piece of music for “Lost Season”, other than the little wrap up part with Ben.

Listening to it reminds me of all the sacrifices that were made along the journey of the passengers of Flight 815. The transformations of the various people as they moved along.

Jack who proved his Dad wrong about him not being able to save anyone, and managed to reconcile with him at the very end. In the end he helped make Kate a better women and found peace before he died. Watching the plane take off as he was lying there with Vincent was a touching moment for him. The sum total of all he tried to do once the plane crashed.

Kate. She stopped running from the past, and help create a future regardless of the personal cost. Going back to get Claire meant jail time, but that didn’t stop her from getting Arron’s real mom back.

Locke who had it right all along, but no one knew until after he was dead. he finally had is  walkabout. Something that I wish I could do.

Charlies fall, redemption and sacrifice. He came a long way and ended up being the  family man who took care of his friends and family.

Claire’s discovery of what love meant, and how she really wanted Arron.

Sawyer, despite how hard he tried, finally discovered that he was really a decent person after all those years.

Sayid coming to grips with the dark side within and in that last final moment overcoming it.

Hurley learning what love was with Libby, his sadness at his burial, and rejection of violence when Michael tried to use revenge for Libby’s death to get him to go along on the betrayal missions. Finally stepping up to take charge after Jack died and becoming the new man in charge.

Ben learned to play someone’s #2, though I am not sure if he ever figured out that it was his fault for all the health issues with the Others. He wasn’t following Jacob, but the Man in Black. Good thing for us all that Jacob took that into consideration with his selection of candidates.

Richard. He worked so hard, for so long, for Jacob. All he really wanted was to get back to his wife, who died before the “Black Rock” crashed on the Island. The best moment for him was when he found a grew hair, and realized that he was finally growing old. Which for him would lead to a reunion to the only women he cared about.

Youtube video Michael Giacchino – ‘Moving On’.

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