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Here are some questions and answers from Titus Welliver’s Barry from #lost recent Reddit AMA  Click here to read AMA’s from Carlton Cuse, Dom Monaghan, Daniel Dae Kim, and more.

Here are some questions and answers from Titus Welliver’s recent Reddit AMA. Click here to read AMA’s from Carlton Cuse, Dom Monaghan, Daniel Dae Kim, and more. Were you as disappointed with how LOST turned out as the rest of us were?I was not as invested as the series regulars in that regard. I think there are 2 camps: some people were very disappointed with the way the show wrapped up. And other fans seemed to be perfectly content. I think it’s always difficult to please everyone. In any point of the series “LOST” did the writers tell you or even hint at “The man in Black“‘s real name?No. Sorry but that’s just the simple answer, they never did. I really liked your evil performance on LOST and your most recent work on Transformers. On Lost, what was something told to you by the directors about your character to try and help you get into the mindset of a “smoke monster” ?I purposely asked to be kept in the dark regarding that character. Because I wanted to sort of let him just live on his own. So ignorance was bliss, in this case. (deleted question)I get “OH SHIT” quite a bit when people see me. Particularly in New York, if I’ll walk up to a Starbucks. The funniest one was I had a homeless man come up to me, I was with my children in Grand Central Station, and he was very clearly homeless with a shopping cart full of his belongings, and he yelled out “Hey Smokey! How are things going with Jacob?!” and I was stunned by this. Here’s this guy who is ostensibly living on the street, but he’s dialed into his LOST. But he was the first person to call me Smokey. Hey, Titus! Any fun stories from the set of Lost?One that stands out is despite the fact that I was aware of the popularity of LOST, I was not aware of the importance of my character as it works with the entire show. On one particular day, we were rehearsing a scene on-set in which I have the line “I am the black smoke.” And after I read that, Nester Carbonell looked at me and said “wow.” And I was baffled. And he responded “You understand what you just said?” And I said “Yeah.” And Nester said “I don’t think you do. Saying ‘I am the black smoke’ is like Darth Vader saying ‘No Luke, I am your father.’” That’s when it really hit me.  I am filled with gratitude to have been given the opportunity to portray a character that I feel was deeply misunderstood. My only wish would have been to have more time with Smokey. The after-the-fact “Lost” web clip of you and Mark Pellegrino hiding in the bushes and talking about the cork metaphor … was that essentially making fun of the anti-climactic ending and the fans’ reaction to it? I have to say, I laughed pretty hard, and I was wondering how much input you and Mark Pellegrino had on that scene, or if it was entirely created by Lindleof and Cuse.I don’t know that it was to serve any negativity. I think it was more of an opportunity to put a smile on the fan’s faces. Yes, they put it together and Jack Bender shot it. And it was a tremendous amount of fun to shoot. We shot it in the bushes at Warner Brothers Studios. And Mark and I love each other, we’re old friends, so any opportunity to do something together, we jump at it. We also did a really silly thing for Jimmy Kimmel Live called "Connect 4 Million" or something, basically a spoof of Connect 4 but set on a beach, you can see it on YouTube or something but it’s really funny. Actually he and I did a lot of poking fun at our characters.  Your mustache in Gone Baby Gone was a masterpiece and should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor because it stole every scene it was in. Was there a particular reason that character had that style of facial hair?I still had a very very big beard from Deadwood, when I met with Ben Affleck. Because the character was written as older than I was at the time, Ben and I discussed the facial hair options. I chose to have that mustache because I felt that it really was in a way a bit of a metaphor for a man hiding behind something, keeping a secret. But it was also an homage to my good friend Sam Elliott, who has, in my opinion, the best mustache in film history. Is Ben Affleck cool to work for?YES!!! A generous and brilliant actor, director and writer. I would do a puppet show with Ben. What is your favourite role you’ve done on film or television?Television would be Bosch. Film would be probably Lionel McCready in Gone Baby Gone. Although James Savoy in Transformers is a delicious character. Hello Titus! I just wondered what set was the most fun and interesting to work on? Was it Star Trek, The X-Files, LOST, or The Twilight Zone? What is your favorite role?LOST. And I would say with X-Files as a close behind. And Bosch. What role(s) would you love to play the most that you already haven’t?I think for me I look down the road to Macbeth and Henry V and ultimately King Lear, just for a few, as it relates directly to theater. I hope that the roles continue to come.

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#LOST #LOSTIES  Nice part about his LOSTpart and when the fans first recgonized him.

Below is an excerpt, but I encourage everyone to read the whole interview because it’s a great read.

I walk into my local Starbucks and literally half the people in the Starbucks look at me like I’m the mass murderer everybody’s been looking for in the paper. And there’s almost an audible gasp; people are coming up to me and saying, “Oh my God. I can’t—oh. So, what exactly—who are you?” And I really feel like I’m in the middle of some Bill Burroughs nightmare, like “What? What are—” and they’re like, “Lost!” And I’m like “Oh, right. That’s right, I forgot I did that show.” And they’re looking at me like, “How can you be so calm in the presence of this information?” ” 



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