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A group of lost fans are gathering in Oahu in October 2017 to visit the iconic shooting locations, the island sights and an afternoon at the Dharma Village.

They are also participating in a silent auction run by when they spend time at the Dharma Village.

If you missed this one there should be a final one in 2010.




I won this item at the recent charity auction. I have it set up in my home office on one of my Ikea bookshelves and wanted to share the picture. I might have to repost the photo later if it ends up being too large for the blog. 

This is my first Lost action figure and I have to say that I want the rest of them. The picture was taken with my Droid X, I need to find my regular point and shoot and see if I can get something better.



The Hatch from McFarlane Toys

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