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This is the clip from Tabula Rasa that plays “Wash Away” by Joe Purdy. The overview of the survivors and music always remind me of their future on the island.

Since today is #LOST finale Anniversary day I thought I would post it here, as a reminder of show and how much we all loved it.

Seems that Ilana Rapp posted a nice interview with  Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) over at
Posting part of it here – for the full article go to:

As actors, we’re always interested in stretching the limits. There’s no end as to how a character can be played. We have an idea in our head, but the director might have a totally different idea.

Creating your character is a lot of fun – when playing a human. Now what if you are playing a supernatural character?!

Today we hear from six actors who have delved into the supernatural realm:

Mark Pellegrino (“Supernatural,” “Being Human,” “Lost”), Richard Speight Jr. (“Supernatural,” “Jericho”), and from the TV series “Lost Girl” – Paul Amos, Richard Howland, Rachel Skarsten and K.C. Collins!


Photo by Manfred Baumann

Mark played Jacob in “Lost” and is currently filming “The Tomorrow People.”

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