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Ran across this one checking out the old Black Rock site  There was a post that sent me over to lost redux.
The primary post is a Season 6 rewrite. Thought that it was interesting enough to throw it here.
Enjoy !

Comic-Con: Jorge Garcia Alcatraz Interview    Lost star Jorge Garcia talks about re-teaming with JJ Abrams and other Lost creators for a different kind of island mystery TV series.

Kaemel Tow” wіth Jorge Garcia … 2:11 Jorge Garcia (“Lost”) stars аѕ one half οf thе Kaemel brothers, аѕ hе advertises hіѕ questionable business. Submitted bу: HollywoodSaturdayNight Regular Keywords: Lost tow truck Jorge Garcia ACME Kaemel camel sketch hollywood saturday nighttime Hugo Hurley Views: 2,613

Inside TV has a little article about how Michael Emerson would like to work with Terry O’Quinn on a TV series. Guess they had so much fun on LOST that they want a repeat while they are still young enough for it.

We just might see Terry do some guest spots on “Person of Interest”!

Michael and Terry

Terra Nova premieres on 9/26 @ 8 PM on Fox.  A clip about the show is included below..

The basic story: It’s 2149 and Earth has gone to hell. Overpopulation and an environmental disaster have left earthlings breathing heavily polluted air and dealing with nearly extinct animal and plant life, and the government has instituted a maximum two-child-per-family rule.

The solution, for those lucky enough to win a spot via a lottery, is Terra Nova, a new civilization set 85 million years in the past, thanks to a time travel portal. Setting off to this new land is a ticket to survival, so when the Shannons get a shot to go, they’re thrilled.

There’s just the little matter of breaking cop dad Jim Shannon (“Life on Mars” star Jason O’Mara) out of prison, where he’s been sentenced after an altercation with police over their discovery that he and surgeon wife Elisabeth (“Strike Back” alum Shelley Conn) have three kids.

However life in the past is full of danger, both expected and unexpected. Am hoping that it is interesting and worth following for a while.

Am going to start a list of video clips that I find on youtube for Lost.

Blooper Reels

Season 1 bloopers

Season 2 bloopers

Season 3 bloopers

Season 4 bloopers

Season 5 bloopers

Season 6 bloopers 

Misc blooper 1


LOST wins Emmy for Best Drama Series

Michael Emerson Wins Emmy for LOST (HD)

Terry O’Quinn’s 2007 Emmy Award Acceptance Speech

Dominic Monaghan On Charlie’s Return To LOST

Dominic Monaghan on Jimmy Kimmel

Dominic Monaghan on The Late Late Show on May 19, 2006
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