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Source: ‘Lost’ creator Damon Lindelof doesn’t like Netflix-style binge-watching – Business Insider


Writer-producer Damon Lindelof wrapped up the hit series Lost in 2010, and he still gets lashed by fans who hated the ambiguous ending. Now as Lindelof launches the final season of The Leftovers on HBO — another series that revolves around a mystery — he still cares what people think of his work, but this time, he’s stay far away from Twitter.

Source: Damon Lindelof on the end of ‘The Leftovers’ | The Business | Entertainment Industry News & Discussion | KCRW | KCRW

#LOST Alumni Damon Lindelof has been given the green light for 10-episode drama the will air on HBO. The Leftovers takes place as the Rapture happens — but not quite like it’s supposed to. The former #Lost showrunner’s take tells the story of the people who didn’t make the cut and a world that will never be the same.

For more details go the article at the Hollywood Reporter


#LOST #ALIEN #StarTrek A good interview with @DamonLindelof and his thoughts on story writing. 
He talks about how he got into creating stories as a kid while reading the ‘Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries. He reflects on some of his recent work and has some advice for fans of the Alien movies.  Since its NPR you can listen or download the audio portion of the story. 


“I guess my message would be: Try not to bring too much of what you want Prometheus to be into the theater. The first time you see the movie, your sense of what you want it to be and what it’s going to be could potentially override you just sitting back and watching it. And I do feel that at the very least, taking full responsibility for my own role in the writing of the film, it’s one of the most visually spectacular things that I’ve seen recently. It can be experienced as just something that washes over you if it’s possible for you to turn your brain off. I just hope people dig it.”

  Damon Lindelof talks about his time writing and producing Lost, the polarizing ending, and the show’s legacy. #LOST

plus Screenwriter Damon Lindelof talks about his new movie Prometheus, its connection to Alien, and working with Ridley Scott on his first sci-fi movie in 30 years. It runs 35 minutes and touches on some of his other work and views on being a nerdy fanboy. Excellent conversation and worth watching.

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