Passing along a #LOST post about cafepress and its LOST Labor Day Sale. Check it out and buy some LOST stuff !!

For those of you who plan to “Get LOST” over the long weekend, stock up on your favorite gear with our LOST Labor Day Sale! Get 15% off* all LOST merchandise in the ABC store. Use code GETLOST15 at checkout.




I won this item at the recent charity auction. I have it set up in my home office on one of my Ikea bookshelves and wanted to share the picture. I might have to repost the photo later if it ends up being too large for the blog. 

This is my first Lost action figure and I have to say that I want the rest of them. The picture was taken with my Droid X, I need to find my regular point and shoot and see if I can get something better.



The Hatch from McFarlane Toys

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