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The two actors get to work together for Esipode 8 of “Person of Interest”. Which should be fun for the two of them. Seems that Alan Dale has been busy since Lost ended, see the 2nd article for details. 

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Charles Widmore and Ben Linus are about to meet again.

EW has learned exclusively thatLost alum Alan Dale will guest star on the Michael Emerson-helmed Person of Interest as a former member of the German Stasi secret police. He will appear in episode 8.

Dale, who will appear as Prince Charming’s father on the upcoming series Once Upon A Time, has also recently appeared on AMC’s The Killing and reprised his role as John Ellis on the final season ofEntourage.

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It could be another showdown between Charles Widmore and Ben Linus; but since the story will be set in New York and not some weird island in the middle of nowhere, it will actually be actor Alan Dale appearing on PERSON OF INTEREST alongside his former cast(away)mate Michael Emerson.

According to an exclusive from Entertainment Weekly, the much-in-demand Aussie actor will play a former member of the German Stasi secret police in episode 8 of the new CBS hit drama.

Besides his work on the ABC juggernaut Lost, Dale has appeared in The O.C.NCISThe Killing andEntourage. He will next be seen as Prince Charming’s father in the new ABC fairytale-based dramaOnce Upon a Time.

The next new episode of Person of Interest is set to air on CBS on Thursday, October 20 at 9/8c.


Advertisements has a nice article about “Person of Interest” starring Michael Emerson

If you’re checking out Person of Interest and are surprised to hear that CBS’ freshman drama this Thursday at 9/8c will already delve into the mystery of “The Machine,” you are in good company. Series star Michael Emerson, who became all too familiar with Lost‘s storytelling and secret-keeping, was caught a bit off guard as well. 

“I was used to the more glacial style of revealing that we had on Lost, where you would just get a little bit of a tease,” the Emmy winner tells TVLine. “I thought, ‘Oh, they’ll have to establish the rhythm of [Person of Interest] and the way we prevent crime before they started exploring [the Machine],’ but I think it’s a good move. It lets the audience know early on that we’re telling a story every week, but we’re also telling a longer, intriguing story.”

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