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#LOSties should read the great article about the author meeting Terry O’Quinn.
#LOSTies Per DarkUfo the all-new LOST anthology, LOST Thought, will be published on March 9, 2012.
Mark your calendars! The all-new LOST anthology, LOST Thought, will be published on March 9, 2012.

Nikki Stafford, Jo Garfein, Pearson Moore, and some of the most recognised names in the LOST community of bloggers and academic experts have put together an anthology unlike any other. LOST Thought contains nineteen essays and formal papers by leading thinkers. It promises to become the most widely consulted book on the groundbreaking television series.

With thanks to the contributors to this labour of love created for the fan community, we present below the introduction toLOST Thought, “In the Shadow of Greatness”, written by the editor, Pearson Moore.

#LOTR #HOBBIT Found an article on  that discusses the Hobbit trailer and how Peter Jackson is slipping in changes to the story. Some of them make the characters seems more human but Hobbits are not human and he does them, Aragon, and the story a dis-service by doing so. This is not a Hardy Boys mystery but a major peice of mythology.

Triffling with the masters work is not something that should be done during film making, Removing stuff to fit the viewing window is one thing, Adding parts that were never in the story is just a bad diea. The author also refers to a webpage by Gary Appenzeller who cataloged the differences. Take a look and see how many you spotted and how you feel about the changes to the story.

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