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Thanks to @LostTheShow on twitter for these great pictures. 

We all know that Dominic Monaghan  AKA Charlie Pace of Lost is back to his role as “Merry” in the upcoming LOTR movie. I ran across a short article about the 4 hobbits and had to share the artlcle and video link. From we have this artlcle

And the linkto the video =>> Exclusive Video: LOTR Reunion Hobbits assemble!

Dominic looks good in a suit, though he isn’t looking too happy in this picture. Maybe he is thinking about those years on “Lost” and missing them like we do. #WEHAVETOGOBACK my #LOSTies. Drink up lads you get to make another EPIC movie and have an new set of adventures. 























Hey! You got yourself a fish biscuit! How’d you do that?



 – Tom, aka Mr. Friendly 



Every day at the end of the work cycle in my Dharma IT office I try to find something Lost related that is worth blogging about. This is one of those findings, however it was an accident. I was looking for LOST blogs on tumblr to follow, and read a bit about fanfictions. Some of my twitter buddies send me some urls to look over. Somewhere in there was a reference to Danial Faradays Journal being avail on Barnes and Noble. While looking for that I ran across this article on making Dharma Fish Busciits !!!

So I had to get Lost on the intenet to find my Dharma Fish Biscuits. How ironic.. 🙂 

Lets start with a nice picture and the link to the orignal article that i uncovered. 🙂 Click here to go to the article That link leads to this site and the instructions for making your own Fish Bsicuits!

Namaste !



@LostTheShow on twitter posted this picture in a tweet. It is a great one of the The Brains behind the show 

The picture is great and just bring up all kind of questions.

Wonder what is the brown bag on the desk? Is the Dharna Beer real or a prop? Is that a Brass Pear on the desk? Whats that about?

What is the WD40 used for? Freeing up the characters from traveling through time?



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