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#LOSTies MI: 4 will be out soon and we will get a chance to see Josh Holloway in action again. Am hoping to hear him call Cruise “shortie” while he blows up the bad guys. Here are some links to short articles about the movie. 

I know he wants to do movies, but am hoping for some TV appearances while he works on the career change.


#LOSTIES I like community, right from the start it was fresh, had great writing and excellent characters. However it seems the network thinks it needs to take a break. I think the network is the one with the problems, not this show. Go hastle someone else…
However, this is a blog about Lost and the Actors, so it has been reported that Josh Hollaway is in talks to cameo in Community‘s two-part season finale, which will be a sequel to the epic paintball episode and air at some point in May.  Will see how that goes, but I always like to see my Lost Actors working, so good luck to him and I hope its a great esipode.
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