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Passing along a #LOST post about cafepress and its LOST Labor Day Sale. Check it out and buy some LOST stuff !!

For those of you who plan to “Get LOST” over the long weekend, stock up on your favorite gear with our LOST Labor Day Sale! Get 15% off* all LOST merchandise in the ABC store. Use code GETLOST15 at checkout.




#LOST – We are going back, join us in Hawaii in on September 21 & 22, 2014   Oahu, Hawaii for gathering for those who have moved on but will never let go.

For more details and to sign up on the mailing list goto:


Just a short note about something that I picked up yesterday.

While #LOST fans know that Aug the 15th is Flight 815 day, I am not sure how many know that Jennifer Lawrence birthday is also 8/15 and that she turned 23 yesterday.

i can only assume that she has to be a lost fan and to give you something else to read here are 2 links to articles about her.  Enjoy !!

Great to see three of our favorites actors together again. Aloha to all three !

Further Dispatches

So I recently got back from my trip to Hawaii to shoot an episode of

Hawaii Five-0. 

Had a nice surprise when Terry showed up on my last day of shooting (he’s working on the episode after mine).

photo 1-3

To be in that studio with these guys again gave me a rush of joy.

I had a great timer shooting and working with a familiar crew.


I hope to return to do it again soon.IMG_1895

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