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#LOSTIES I like community, right from the start it was fresh, had great writing and excellent characters. However it seems the network thinks it needs to take a break. I think the network is the one with the problems, not this show. Go hastle someone else…
However, this is a blog about Lost and the Actors, so it has been reported that Josh Hollaway is in talks to cameo in Community‘s two-part season finale, which will be a sequel to the epic paintball episode and air at some point in May.  Will see how that goes, but I always like to see my Lost Actors working, so good luck to him and I hope its a great esipode.

Hey #LOSTies I ran across a site that has a Screen Saver that reproduces the Swan Station computer! Installed it and showed the wife and we were both impressed. Great Stuff !

It also has the alarm sound from the show, which you can disable and you can also use it as a alarm clock. I installed it on my Windows Vista 32bit computer Friday and it works just fine for me. So I am passing the link along to the site where you can download it for yourself

It is great to be finding Lost stuff that was created back before the show ended. Thanks to the Lost fan for leaving the site up and running.


#LOSTies Some months by pure random chance I caught a glimse of a laptop sporting a Dharma Logo, but couldn’t find it anywhere. By pure chance I ran across it today while pondering over what Dharma stuff to order from my saved bookmarks (yeah I list of stuf from various sites, sad isn’t it).

I am going to order one this weekend but just had to share. They come in black and white, deciding is going to be hard!!


Good news for Lost and Once Upon A Time fans. Seems that Claira aka Emilie de Ravin joins ABC’s Once Upon A Time next season. She is set to play Belle, the fairytale heroine of “Beauty and the Beast“. It is always good to see the Lost crew back in action and  I am looking forward to seeing her grace the screen once again. 

Links to the articles follow:  & IMDB.COM  &



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